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Post-Partum Care

We offer Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massages tailored for post-partum moms and a special Village Care Nursing package. MLD is a delicate yet potent form of bodywork aimed at stimulating the natural flow of lymph, which transports waste away from tissues toward the heart. This technique employs gentle, rhythmic movements that emulate the body's lymphatic system rhythm.

Benefits of MLD massages postpartum include:

  • Flush away extra fluid received in labor

  • Rebalance hormones,  promote relaxation, helping to decrease postpartum depression

  • Helps body to heal, decreasing downtime after pregnancy

  • Removes toxins and waste from bodily tissues

  • Improve circulation and metabolism

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Newborn Baby

Village Care Nursing

  • Three (3) MLD Massages at 2, 4, and 6 weeks

  • Two (2), 1.5 hour sessions of childcare in-home while mommy takes time to catch her breathe! (Remaining in home)

  • Mobile service ONLY, not available in-office

  • Full payment due at time of scheduling

  • Rate: $500/package.

Newborn's Care

MLD for Post-Partum Moms

  • Single Post-Partum MLD Massage

  • 45-60 Minute Session

  • Mobile or in-office

  • Full payment due at scheduling for single sessions

  • Starting at $120/session.

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